Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (7/7)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, where we talk about films of the past… present… and future! 

This week we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Rick & Morty: The Movie!


Hold on, I’ve just been told that it’s actually the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future

The movie went back in time to the far of the past of the American 1950’s. The film took Marty McFly to the past for some low-stakes hi-jinks where his goal is basically to make sure that he was born.

Time travel films are a fun subgenre.  If the protagonists are from modern times, they can comment how different the world was way back when (for example, how people can be ignorant of famous fashion designer Calvin Klein).  Or, if they’re from the past, they can be baffled at what we realize is commonplace and mundane (such as, say, the humble camcorder).  Or if the protagonist travels to the future, you can spin a whole host of unlikely scenarios… like the Cubs winning the World Series.  That’ll never happen!

The most unbelievable thing about BttF2: that Pontiac would still exist in 2015.

Back to the Future, of course, isn’t only time travel film. We’ve seen cops travel in time. Slackers travel in time. Hot tubs travel in time. Federation admirals travel in time. Astronauts who hate apes travel in time. Captain America travels in time. It’s fun, and a great way to capitalize on nostalgia.

Bill & Ted Face The Music, still scheduled to come out August this year.

Today’s prompt: What is your favorite time-travel scenario as depicted in film?