The Avocado’s Favorite American President – FINALS!

“It is infinitely better to have a few good men than many indifferent ones.” – George Washington

We certainly did narrow it down to a few good men. But alas, the field has been winnowed further and George, you did not make the cut.

How could the Avocado go and break up this wonderful bromance that was also apparently a whole subgenre of 19th Century Art?

Yes, as Obama and Washington battle it out in our “Are you sure? Just double-checking” match, our final two contestants must duke it out for the title of The Avocado’s Favorite American President!

They came in second and third in the 2018 Siena poll, but they’ve always been first in our hearts based on your votes.

In this corner….

…from a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky…not just the pride and joy of Illinois, but all the USA…our favorite Republican President…the Railsplitter himself….




And in this corner….

….from Hyde Park, New York…most likely to chat you up by the fireside…our favorite Democratic President..the Houdini in the White House himself…




As you might guess from my google searches, each President will be represented by a picture of them with their First Lady.

Speaking of First Ladies….

While Lincoln vs. FDR will give us enough unique conversation, I am proud to present the Packer_Hat tradition of a random irrelevant match in the final round. In this vein, I will ask you to vote for your FAVORITE PERSON WHO WAS DEBATABLY PRESIDENT.

Your choices are DAVID RICE ATCHISON, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate who might have been President for a day because Zachary Taylor refused to take the oath on a Sunday, or EDITH WILSON, Woodrow Wilson’s First Lady who basically made a vast majority of his decisions for him after he suffered a stroke in October 1919. Were they really Presidents? Who cares, just vote!

Not since July 2nd, 1776 has such a momentous vote held the United States of America in such suspense. Get out and vote, Avocadans!

You have 48 hours to vote from the last match! The results will be announced on the Fourth of July!