The June 30 Chief Justice William H. Taft History Thread

On this day, one hundred years ago, former President William H. Taft was nominated and confirmed as the Chief Justice of the United States, becoming the first and (thus far) only person to hold both offices.

Taft today is primarily known for the above factoid, being the last American president with facial hair, and a particularly vicious (and false) urban legend that the famously rotund Ohioan got stuck in the presidential bath tub and had to be extricated with butter lubrication.

Taft’s tenure as justice is reasonably well regarded, though his presidency is the very definition of “Eh, it was okay.” However, Taft will always have special place in my heart due to the existence of a photograph taken when he was the Governor of the Philippines under McKinley:

taft buffalo

Before anyone asks, the photo of Teddy Roosevelt riding a moose was fake.

Advantage: Taft.