“American Data?” American Dad! S17E10

Steve and his friends take part in a prison experiment.

Steve, Snot, Barry, and Toshi want new  calf implants for some reason.  They go to  check their secret stash in the bushes.  But Steve took  $100 for a designer backpack.  The boys are mad at him but need to earn the extra money


They find a newspaper  ad to participate in a science experiment at the Pearl Bailey High School.  They find that Roger is running this experiment.  After sorting guards and prisoners, the experiment begins.


The boys’ treatment of the prisoners is too harsh and the prisoners quit, so Roger recruits real prisoners, who quickly turn the tables on the boys.


The prisoners take over.  Steve won’t stand up to them so they take him along, only to find out he can actually cook


Shenanigans ensue, and an attempted prison break out only leads to a pizza party at the end.  Also, Roger only hired white collar criminals.


The boys are still pissed at Steve for being so selfish, so Steve decides to earn back the money they need for those calf implants.   Crash test dummy


Shock therapy among other ways of earning money


They boys finally forgive Steve when they see how he’s not being so selfish after all.  They get those implants and all is well between them in the end.


B Plot

Bullock announces that the CIA groundskeeper has passed away.  No one seems to care except Stan.  He is tasked with getting rid of  a leaf blower.  But this makes Stan very sad.


Which he takes it out on the family.


Frustrated, Francine gets Stan to “talk” to a therapist  Dr. Ray Petit.  Dr. Ray  convinces Stan to honor the groundskeeper’s emory by clearing  the central quad at the CIA.


As he finishes, a whirlwind spirit forms and thanks Stan for completing his dream.  Also, Dr. Ray gets killed “accidentally’ by Stan’s leaf blower, making Stan happy again


I did not like this one very much at all .  Very few laughs, very dumb plots, even by American Dad standards

Grade : C-