Weird Al

The Weird Al Weird-Off

It’s a tournament, but it’s going to be as weird as its name sake.

The first round will feature every* Weird Al parody song against the song it spoofs. After that point, we should have some combination of originals and parodies ramming up against each other. So you think you can pick between Smells Like Teen Spirit and Smells Like Nirvana, but what if Smells Like Teen Spirit is up against Yoda? Things just got a lot more interesting, didn’t they?

* Okay, not every parody. I’m leaving out the polkas, since it’s impossible to do a one-to-one comparison. The song had to be released in studio form, not just performed live, so you won’t see Chicken Pot Pie or Snack All Night. And if it didn’t appear until the Medium Rarities box set, I didn’t include it. Generally, it had to be included on a “normal” studio album. If you see any I missed, let me know.

Please be patient while I post the sixty-some matches.

Ninja edit: since Bedrock Anthem parodies both Under the Bridge and Give It Away, it is competing against both. Same goes for The Plumbing Song and the two Milli Vanilla songs that inspired it.