Last Marble Standing E6 Lap Race

This is it. It all comes down to the Lap Race. Graze of Glory sits atop the standings with a comfortable lead. Can anyone catch them? Let’s find out.

Milky Madness has a comfortable lead for most of this race’s 16 laps. But in the final third, things go horribly wrong for them. Graze of Glory manages to lunge out in front with a burst of speed, but then Milky Madness bounces back. However, just a lap later, Milky Madness has some trouble getting off the lift, leaving an opening for Team Purity and Graze of Glory to lunge on ahead. Team Purity finishes first, followed by Graze of Glory, and Milky Madness in third.

Final standings for the tournament: Graze of Glory on top, obviously, with 27 points. In second place, Team Purity with 24. And in third, Semi-Skimmers with 21.

Well that was a nice diversion, wasn’t it? See you all for the 2020 Marble League tomorrow!

Complete stats for Last Marble Standing can be found at the Marble League Wiki.