Shoeless Trivia: Art

These are always fun.

  1. What 17th century pope is depicted in the two portraits seen below, one by Diego Velázquez, the other by Francis Bacon?strivia190_1
  2. What titular fruit has been been obscured twice in this Salvador Dali painting?strivia190_2
  3. What skateboard and apparel brand has admitted to basing its logo off the style of Barbara Kruger, a sample of whose work is shown below?strivia190_3
  4. The John Everett Millais work seen here is named for what character from Shakespeare?strivia190_4
  5. This Benvenuto Cellini work is functional as well as artistic. Per its common title, what substance is it intended to hold?strivia190_5

  1. Innocent X
  2. pomegranate
  3. Supreme
  4. Ophelia
  5. salt