Last Marble Standing E5 Block Pushing

The ancient Egyptian pyramids were built without the use of the wheel. Large stones had to be pushed or dragged along the ground to get from the quarry to the construction site. This was no doubt a difficult and dangerous endeavour.

The orbicular athletes of the Last Marble Standing contest get a taste of what it was like to be an ancient Egyptian pyramid builder in the block pushing event. The goal is to push a a plastic block along a chute as far as possible, using the combined power of four marbles. It’s a gruelling event, not for the weak of body or heart.

In the first heat, Semi-Skimmers and Graze of Glory put up excellent showings, both exceeding 77 cm, while Milky Madness screws up royally and falls just short of 53 cm. The second heat sees every team improving, even though the Freshers required 3 tries before they had a run without losing a marble.1

In the end, Graze of Glory nabs gold, Semi-Skimmers get silver, and Team Purity are awarded the bronze.

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