WW 124: Genius – Episode 5: The Mini-Werewolf Game

A shot rang out.

“Looks like a big hit was put on me by [blank].”

Goat has been eliminated. 

Another shot rang out – I mean, someone was put on a train to a farm upstate.

Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather has been eliminated. 

The bounty hunter collected 57 Garnets.

The Rules of the Game

Today’s match will be a Mini-Werewolf Game.

There are 8 Players remaining. Randomly, two have been assigned in their QT the roles of WOLVES and one the role of SERIAL KILLER. The Wolves have not been given a shared QT, but know each other’s identities. Everyone else is Vanilla Town.

This will function as if we were quickly moving through the final phase of a Werwolf Game – I will put up a vote thread with a deadline to decide who to kill, then we will move on to a Night Phase within the day. The SK will choose a target, while the Wolves will taken turns each night choosing their targets. There are no other mechanics involved.

If either of the Wolves is the last one standing, both originally Wolves win immunity. If the SK is last one standing, they win win immunity solo and can choose someone to share it with. If Town wins, all Townspeople who survive will win community together – with a maximum of 3 who can win together. If more than 3 Townies survive, the one(s) with the least Garnets will be the one(s) who don’t get immunity. If we reach a scenario where a day starts with two players of different factions left, the tie is broken based on which player has more garnets.

Regardless of which faction (Town, Wolves, SK) wins, it will be the last person from a rival faction to die who is sent to the Death Match.

5 Garnets are awarded every time a player’s votes for (and stays on) Scum. 10 Garnets are awarded for a Night Kill, unless both scum targeted the same person, in which case they only receive 5. Every townie wins 1 Garnet when scum is Day-Killed.

Players names will at the start of the day will come with their current amount of Garnets.

[spoiler title= Players]
  1. Corporal Hicks – 73 Garnets
  2. Forget_it_Jake – 14 Garnets
  3. Owen1120 – 0 Garnets
  4. Spookyfriend – 0 Garnets
  5. The Wasp – 21 Garnets
  6. DW – 0 Garnets
  7. Hayes – 0 Garnets
  8. Nate the Lesser – 0 Garnets
  9. Emm – 0 Garnets
  10. Mr.ImMyOwnGrandpa – 0 Garnets
  11. Goat – 0 Garnets
  12. Josephus Brown – 0 Garnets
  13. Indy – 36 Garnets
  14. Sic Humor – 28 Garnets
  15. Ralph – 3 Garnets
  16. Grumproro – 5 Garnets
  17. Lindsay – 0 Garnets
  18. Donalbain – 53 Garnets
  19. ALKD – 0 Garnets
  20. Hoho ohno possum – 0 Garnets

Check your QT’s for things like invites to join a QT discussion. You can ask me questions here or there. Please have fun!