Cage: The First Cage Match

Even with the Con Air Blow Dryer or the Downfall Super Cut, we didn’t make it to 64 contenders, so this will be out of 32 instead.

From what the nomination votes tell us, you like Original Cage much more than Sequel Cage, and Action Cage over Schmaltzy Romantic Cage.  And you prefer Oscar Nominated Cage over Oscar Winning Cage.

And you all have seen some movies I have never heard of before this.  10 of the 32 I have not seen, and Mandy and Color Out of Space ???  Those trailers look bonkers, which I guess make them Typical Cage.

Most of these should sail through to the next round, but I am hoping against hope for some underdogs to win here.

What, to you, is the Favorite Nicolas Cage Movie?  Only YOU can decide…….