Shoeless Trivia: Food

Since trivia is like food for your mind.

  1. What protein source is generally associated with the tomato-based Mediterranean dish known as shakshouka?
  2. Dogfish Head’s Beer For Breakfast is brewed with a number of AM favorites, including what Mid-Atlantic specialty produced by Rapa?strivia188_1
  3. Injera, the national dish of Ethiopia and Eritrea, is traditionally made with flour from what grass indigenous to the Horn of Africa?
  4. Spam Jam is an annual celebration held in Minnesota where the meat product is produced and also in what other U.S. state?
  5. What is the name of Heston Blumenthal’s three-Michelin-starred modernist restaurant in Berkshire, England? He probably doesn’t need celebrity endorsement, but if he did Bobby Moynihan (moreso than Danny Pudi or Ben Schwartz) would be ideal for the job.

  1. (poached) eggs
  2. scrapple
  3. teff
  4. Hawaii
  5. The Fat Duck