The Tea Copywriter Cage Match Night Thread (June 12th)

“Conan I gotta tell you, this guy couldn’t sell our new Bengal Jasmine Spice. A triumphant infusion of jasmine and Indian brockleberry leaves, to tantalize the taste buds and seduce the soul – and that stuff sells itself!”


Enjoy this increasingly bizarre sketch from Conan’s Late Night heydey (starring Jon Glaser!)

It’s still a little hard for me to believe this show was allowed to be this weird and still survive for so long. When other, equally weird shows came and went. Masturbating Bear, sure. But also Vomiting Kermit and Preparation H Raymond. And who could forget Cactus Chef Playing We Didn’t Start The Fire On The Flute?


Know any other long lost gems from the Before Times?

Have a happy and safe night thread!