Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Jun. 12 (season finale)

Introducing today’s contestants for this season’s premature finale:

  • Matt, a sports update anchor from New York, goes to lots of big sporting events;
  • Kelly, an animation producer from California, loves classic entertainment; and
  • Zach, an attorney from Virginia, who clerked with his wife for the same judge. Zach is a three-game champ with earnings of $65,674.

Zach missed all three DDs, and as a result had to settle for second going into FJ with $10,000 vs. $13,400 for Kelly and $7,400 for Matt.

DD1, $800 – WORDS & PHRASES – “He who pays the piper holds the reins” is an example of this, incorrectly fusing 2 symbolic comparisons (Zach lost $1,600 from his score of $3,200.)

DD2, $2,000 – COLORFUL CITIES – This former mining town was Colorado’s territorial capital (Zack lost $4,000 from his total of $10,400 vs. $9,000 for Kelly.)

DD3, $1,600 – TROOP-POURRI – This word for a guerrilla was used in the Boer War, in WWII & as the title of a 1985 Schwarzenegger movie (Zach lost $2,000 from his score of $8,000 vs. $9,800 for Kelly.)

FJ – AUTHORS – On this woman’s passing in 2019, Oprah Winfrey called her “a magician with language, who understood the power of words”

​​​Zach and Matt were correct on FJ, with Zach adding $9,995 to win with $19,995 for a four-day total of $85,669.

Organ failures: The players missed clues about the topmost part of the brain (cerebrum),the organs encased in a sac called the pleura (lungs) and the organ used in a term associated with bad temper (spleen).

And that’s a early wrap for this season of recaps. Thanks for reading and see you back here (hopefully) in September!

​Correct Qs:
DD1 – What is mixed metaphor?
DD2 – What is Golden?
DD3 – What is commando?
FJ – Who was Morrison?