You Talking Trek to Me?

Children of Time

The A-Story: The Defiant gets trapped on a planet, only to find the survivors are their own decedents. Star Trek!

It’s one of the better episodes of DS9 in my opinion. Of course it’s fascinating to see the community the future/past Defiant crew would/almost create, and how the crew interacts with them. Miles discovering his lineage continues despite leaving Kaiko and Molly behind. Worf not only has descendants, but his beliefs are passed down as well. Of course, there is still a Dax.

Oh and Quark, kind of…

The crew debates whether to go back and let the crash happen, and eventually even O’Brien is so moved by the survivors that he agrees to do so.

But the real story here is Odo. Obviously he looks more human, but the late great Rene Auberjonois plays him so differently. This is an Odo who has learned to be more human, and not necessarily in only the good ways. He’s both less uptight, but more selfish in his own desires. The rigidity is cast off, but what is left is his desire for happiness. That selfishness is also evident in that he seemingly lives on his own, away from the community. This Odo is comfortable enough to finally tell Kira how he feels about her. This Odo is also willing to let the 8,000 people of the community die in order for his past self to still have a chance with Kira. The same Kira that was willing to sacrifice herself to let that same community live.

(Odo, living his own life in Califor… I mean Gaia):

This is what makes Odo, and Auberjonois’s portrayal of him, so great. That part of him is not something that only developed in this strange circumstance. Underneath the veil of order and stability of our Odo has always been this other Odo. Even in the end, our Odo understands why the other Odo did what he did. Out of love. Auberjoinois does such a wonderful job showing our Odo while also peaking beneath the veil, to see how our Odo can easily become someone who dooms 8,000 people.

Favorite Dialogue:

I picked the end dialogue again like last week, but again it’s killer.

ODO: So am I. I think we both need time. There’s something else the other Odo wanted you to know. He was responsible for changing the Defiant’s flight plan.
KIRA: Why?
ODO: So that you wouldn’t have to die.
KIRA: I can’t believe it. Eight thousand people!
ODO: He did it for you, Nerys. He loved you.
KIRA: That makes it right?
ODO: I don’t know. He thought so. I’ll see you in the morning.

Although I focused more on Odo, Nana Visitor once again knocks it out of the park as Kira. Still my favorite Trek character ever.

So what do y’all think?