Five Finger Discount: GBA Discussion

Let’s talk about our favorite five games from each video game platform. List your favorite five (or more) titles from the Game Boy Advance and its sibling devices! 

What games and series that came from the GBA, either starting on it like Golden Sun, or being introduced to the West a la Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, would you like to see return?

Did you ever use the Gamecube link cable? Like, even once?


Next week, the rest of the sixth gen of home consoles had a photo finish, with the Original Xbox releasing in North America only three days before the Gamecube!


I’ll be posting a link to the (Patron exclusive) Super Mario 64 article preview on my Patreon in the comments, ahead of the full publication next Monday. Here’s some more links to support activists and victims combating anti-black violence: