Bonus Comic Book Chat – Batman Year One

Welcome to another Bonus Comic Book Chat!

Today’s Discussion – Batman Year One

This classic storyline by Miller and Mazzucchelli features Lt. James Gordon starting over in Gotham the same day Bruce Wayne returns home after a long sabbatical. Both men seeking redemption for past mistakes and seeking justice for themselves and their families.

I’m spending another Summer reading classic comic book storylines and crossovers.

Feel free to read along with me.

For those that have read Batman Year One, tell us where it ranks in your personal list of Batman stories.

What did you like about it?

Which live-action Batman adventure did it influence more? – The Burtonverse or Nolanverse Batman.

How does Batman Year One stack up against Daredevil: Born Again and other projects written by Frank Miller.

If you could fancast a Batman Year One movie, who would you have play Batman? Who would round out the supporting cast?