The Avocado’s Favorite Spider-Man – FINALS!

“You want to know who I am? I’m Spider-Man.” – Tobey Maguire

But you’re not the Avocado’s Spider-Man, Tobey! Not today!


Today marks the 58th anniversary of Amazing Fantasy #15 hitting newsstands. Since that fateful day, we’ve all been transfixed by a modern American saga that tells us that with great power comes great responsibility. Something that can inspire us to rise to ¬†an occasion as mighty as standing against social injustice and something as trivial as voting on who has given the best Spider-Man performance.

That’s right, we’re here. The next two days will determine who the Avocado’s favorite Spider-Man will be!

It’s the top live-action counterpart vs. the top animated counterpart. And, in what I believe is a FIRST for Avocado’s Tournaments, the Championship Match is….a REMATCH!

That’s right, when Tom Holland last faced off against Jake Johnson, he disposed of him like a clone you fought in the Jackal’s lab who died in an explosion and you dropped him down a smokestack because you don’t want Ned Leeds talking at the office about finding your corpse.

But, lo and behold, he has returned like someone who changed their name and only returned from San Francisco to be by the deathbed of the actress Norman Osborn hired to pretend to be Aunt May.

And now we must decide who is the Superior Spider-Man and who is…the Other?!?!?

In order to give the round some variety, I’ve decided to not only include the Bronze medal match between Maguire and Steinfeld, but will also have a match between Spider-Man’s two creators. The final four all have GIFs.

That’s right, folks! Who do you prefer more: Stan Lee or Steve Ditko? Pick your parent. Steve Ditko doesn’t have a GIF so no GIFs for this match.

Because I hate to break format, for the last time, let us scrape up…


  • Tobey Maguire
  • Hailee Steinfeld

You will have until the end of June 7th to vote!