Last Marble Standing E2 Balancing

Balancing has always been a tricky event for our orbicular athletes. Some marbles pursue the same strategy they always do: speed. After all, the less time you spend on the beam, the fewer opportunities you have to fall off it. But others take a more finessed approach, coordinating with their teammates to avoid collisions.

Team Purity does excellently in the first heat, losing two marbles early but managing to land two in the green receptacle. However, Milky Madness screws up and loses all four marbles early. Dairy Dash and The Freshers also manage to land a finisher.

The second heat switches things up a bit. Team Purity doesn’t get a single finisher, even though one of their marbles makes it close to the end. Milky Madness doesn’t land a single finisher either, but all of their marbles make it far down the track, netting them a whopping 367 points. Semi-Skimmers answer by landing a finisher and netting 384 points. The Freshers have a disastrous second effort, however, with none of their marbles clearing 100.

Totalling the two heats, the Semi-Skimmers come out on top with 645 points, followed by Dairy Dash at 586 and Milky Madness at 584.

Complete stats for Last Marble Standing can be found at the Marble League Wiki.