30 Day Disney Challenge Day 5: Your Favorite Couple

The coupling aspect of Disney is something that I’ve always enjoyed (though I’m now imaging if the old Coupling TV series was done with Disney characters…) and that’s just part and parcel of it. You have couples that click and connect better for you than others, whether by personality or situation or something else that you can’t just put your finger on.

The one that honestly really works the best for me in a way is Beauty and the Beast. That film hit a particular time in my life with a soundtrack that just made my heart sing and the couple within I just felt connected to.

But my favorite couple is what we get from Up!, at least within the first ten minutes or so. It’s a frustrating thing because it’s so wonderfully and magically done and I really, really, really, cannot stand the rest of the film once it moves past that. It gave me an opening of perfection and then shifted gears to something I had no interest in seeing. But those ten minutes or so are some of the best film out there with a couple.

PLEASE NOTE:  Unlike when I ran the comic book challenge, which did not start at the beginning of the month, we will be running on the weekends here with two new installments. Please stop by if you can or make sure to have extra to hit up on Monday and participate in!