30 Day Disney Challenge Day 4: Your Favorite Animal

While things were kind of straightforward when it came to princes and princesses as well as villains, when the question is asked who is your favorite animal character from Disney, well, there’s a lot more to it. With there being plenty of works where just animals were the characters themselves and the leads in them, you can go there. Do you go with Bambi? Or Nemo? But there are others where it’s all about the sidekick support and those characters stand out even more, such as from Lion King.

Or you can go older to the beginning with characters like Pluto, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck.

Honestly, that’s where I have to go. Classic Donald is what connected me to Disney in my earliest memories and there’ve been so many great re-imaginings in the years since through TV projects and shorts that my love of Donald Duck is simply etched into my heart.