The Politics Thread Looks For New Ways To Protest

A week or so past Memorial Day and there’s this sense of dread. We’ve see the growing infection rates throughout the rural communities of the country that started ramping up throughout the re-openings. We’ve seen the pictures of so many people close together at events without any protections. That looming fear is something that for many of us is almost tangible as it stands behind us, waiting to make itself fully known.

Historically speaking, there’s a good bit going on today in history but one of the biggest events involved China. The protests of 1989 were picking up after the construction of a replica statue that they called the Goddess of Democracy. Some ten thousand soldiers were involved in Tiananmen Square in trying to deal with the students. But with some one-hundred-thousand citizens stepping in to protect them, blocking the soldiers, the world watched on in fascination.

What we’re experiencing now shall pass at some point, for better and worse, and something else is yet to come. And that’s important because we live in the here and now and must make the most of those moments, in big and small ways.

So, be excellent to each other and remember that the McSquirrell rule is always in effect! And if it gets problematic out there, grab ahold of a mod at

(please note; I wrote the above a week ago. I was sitting here for an hour trying to find a way to rewrite it after the events of the last few days and I still can’t put things into words properly, so I wanted to reflect on this important piece of the past as our future continues to change)