“One Fish, Two Fish” American Dad! S17E06

Hayley tries to save Klaus from being deported.

Klaus asks Jeff and Hayley to support  Prop 94. allow vaping near schools, but he’s not a US citizen and thus can’t vote.


When he tried to register, it’s found out that he’s an illegal alien.  Hayley vows to help Klaus get that citizenship by any means necessary


Facing deportation , Hayley comes to the rescue by  divorcing Jeff, changing herself into a fish (courtesy of the CIA) and marrying Klaus.  And they have to do married fish things, such as living in the same bowl.  Also accidentally having offspring


While shopping at the fish store for a new bowl, they bicker like an old married couple and this convinces the agent that they are indeed married.  Also, Principal Lewis moonlights as an aquarium salesman?


But it’s all ruse to expose their ruse, and the agent comes on to Klaus and he bites.  Ooops!   That’s the oldest ICE trick in the book apparently.


So it’s off to Mexico for our fish couple.  Guacamole anyone?


But fear not, they try to make their way back to America.


B Plot

Meanwhile, the rest of the family is off the to market, and makes a stop at the local farmers market because Stan hates the middle man.


There , they get intrigued by a coconut.


But they can’t crack this nut


No matter how hard they try.  Even the internet can’t help.



After a few more backyard mishaps, the  A and B plots cross paths.  Criss Angel show us and  manages to cut open the coconut revealing Klaus and Hayley inside.  The A plot took place before the B plot.  Mind blown!


Klaus is resigned to be deported yet again , but Stan informs him that the CIA can proclaim anyone an American citizen.  Problem solved, and a happy ending?


Such and off the wall episode.  Hayley going all in to help Klaus was indeed fun and weird.  The Mexico part slowed things down and the border return was too easy.  The family all in on trying to open a coconut was wacky as well.  And to think this all could have been avoided for the low cost on $1.