The Avocado’s Favorite Spider-Man – ROUND 3!

“And I will crush that Spider-Man and I will crush that Spider-Man and yet another Spider-Man til I’m…the SPIDER-MAAAAAAAAAAAN!” – Titus Andromedon

Walloping’ Websnappers, the spiders have trapped other spiders in their web and eaten the other spiders. But one entrapped Spider-Man has managed to break loose and lives to fight another day and that Spider-Man is….


Shinji Tôdô

Yes, Spider-Man and Leopardon live to fight on another day! The nostalgia for 1970s Spider-Men is strong in this tournament.

I know the villain idea was a little counter-intuitive so I’m going to go easy and post a picture of each Spider-Person in their secret identity this round. I know at least one of the nominees has some personal controversy, but I trust we’ll be able to discuss those maturely if we deem it worthy of discussion.

There’s going to be an even number of matches this round composed of all-human nominees so this will be the only round until the final four where none of the losers will advance!

But now let us bow our Spider-heads and mourn the Squashed (and Uncle Ben.)


  • Paul Soles 
  • This Dog 
  • Yuri Lowenthal 
  • Nathan Fillion 
  • This Wildly Corroded Can of Spider-Man Pasta 
  • Donald Glover 
  • Nicholas Hammond 
  • Covered In Spiders, Man 
  • Andrew Garfield 
  • Dan Gilvezan


Since this is going up late, you have until the end of May 31st PST to vote!