America’s Dad. Hanks: The Sweet 16

Have you ever cried at a Tom Hanks movie? You can tell us. We’re among friends here.

Because 3 of these matches are making me cry. This might be brutal work.

We won’t get that Final 4 of the Toy Story series, as Toy Story 4 was thrown away by The ‘Burbs 30 – 22. (And the other reason is below….)

There was a virtual tie in the biggest blowout. Big walked away from the The Man with One Red Shoe by a margin of 56 – 2, while the original Toy Story flew away from Sully 54 – 1.

And we had one underdog, as Dragnet won the battle against Charlie Wilson’s War 26 – 15.

Which ones will be your favorite of these matches? Only you can decide.

(In some Real World Good News, Tom Hanks announced on Instagram that he has given a second round of Plasma against the Virus. “Plasmatic!”)