Comic Book Review – Alters #1 ( Sep 2016)

Alters #1

Written by Paul Jenkins
Art by Leila Leiz

Since the pandemic, I have been trying to read one comic book a day in an endeavor I have dubbed Attack the Stack 2020. As I search for the next comic to read on the never-ending pile, I came across Alters from 2016.

In this Aftershock Comic, human beings manifest powers and are transformed into Alters. After the Chicago Incident, two men search the world for these new beings – Octavian and Matter Man. A new Alter named Chalice makes her presence known in New York City. It’s a race against time to see who will reach Chalice first.

Paul Jenkins pays homage to both the X-Men and Spider-Man with this new comic series.

Navigating your teenage years is hard enough as it is but add superpowers to the mix and things become more stressful and frustrating.

If you thought Peter Parker had a rough life as a teenage superhero, just wait until you learn about Chalice’s secret identity and home life. Chalice describes her interactions with others like intersections and its only a matter of time before there is a collision that will have some life-altering ramifications.

Chalice is probably one of my favorite new superheroes of the past five years. A breath of fresh air in a stagnant world of menacing anti- heroes and other grim and gritty characters.

Some of the struggles she encounters on a daily basis are relatable no matter the stage of your life. Chalice handles everything with grace and love, more concerned about helping others than helping herself.

If you need some hope in these difficult times, pick up Alters #1.