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The Friday Politics Thread – Unmasked!

Happy Friday Politcadoes. It’s a 3-day weekend for many of us, and the unofficial start of Summer 2020, what with all the foreboding horror that implies. If you are in a Safe-at-home state, you get to celebrate with masks and 50% or less occupancy. Or go to a stupid protest. If you’re in a free-wheeling, devil-may-care state, I hear you can go and set fire to the local science house.

The President wears a mask, but only when you’re not looking at him, like the Invisible Boy in Mystery Men.

Locally, as the NJ numbers drop, we’re now allowed to go to shooting ranges, driving ranges, archery ranges, and possibly artillery ranges. As long as we go in small groups.

In the immediate vicinity, Rosebaby now calls herself RoRo, which is the most adorable thing she’s ever done.

A reminder that the politics thread is all about peace, love and understanding. Everyone here wants good things, so remember to empathize when posting. And do not threaten real people with violence. Disqus doesn’t cotton well to that. And if your post gets caught or things are spiraling out of control, remember to reach out to your local mods.

Happy Friday!