Movie Review – Valley Girl (1983)

My friend Miss Self Destruct has been providing me with movie recommendations since October 2019. She’s been helping me fill some holes on my must – see movie list with some overlooked and underrated gems. I got a care package of movies last week from her and she included 1983’s Valley Girl for my viewing pleasure.

Valley Girl stars Deborah Foreman and Nicholas Cage as Julie and Randy, two star crossed lovers that meet one fateful night at a party.

She’s from the Valley, one of the popular girls in school, with a taste for the finer things in life. He’s from Hollywood, a punk that hangs out with his best friend, Fred, at dive bars and greasy spoon diners. Together, they make the perfect couple.

However, Julie’s ex-boyfriend, Tommy, and her circle of girlfriends think Randy is a no-good loser. Julie must choose between sticking with her new found love or reuniting with her ex. Who is Julie going to choose and which guy will be her prom date?

Directed by Martha Coolidge, Valley Girl is the blueprint for future romantic comedies. They say opposites attract but can Julie and Randy go the distance? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out.

Nicolas Cage goes from a blink it and you’ll miss him cameo in Fast Times in Ridgemont High to leading man over the course of one year. Deborah Foreman smolders as Julie. She’s smart and sexy. The kind of girl that’s out of your league, but is worthy of being pursued and wooed, no matter the obstacles standing in the way.

Keep your eyes peeled for other 80s actresses like Elizabeth Daily, Joyce Hyser, and Michelle Meyrink in this film. They got their start in Valley Girl before starring in Pee Wees Big Adventure, Just One of The Guys, and Real Genius.

Do yourself a favor and forget about watching the Valley Girl remake and stick with the original instead.

Take a much needed break from the troubles of today and take a moment to wax nostalgic on the good old days of high school and your first love, set to 80s music that you won’t be able to get out of your head.