30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 28: A Surprising Book

While I like a wide breadth of material, styles and genres, there are things that just don’t appeal much. One area, particularly in film, is that of horror. While I grew up with plenty of scary films – which now just feel overly long and not as tense as I once thought they were – modern horror films are all about the squick or blood flying everywhere. That doesn’t do much for me.

When I first did this challenge, it was at a time when a friend of mine kept recommending The Walking Dead and I decided to take the plunge just as the TV series was announced. And I enjoyed that run for a good bit of time, disconnected from the TV series, and read as trades when they went on sale digitally a couple of times a year. It made for good binging.

But when I look back now at the past decade or so and the things that I tried, I waffle between two properties but really land firmly on one. As much as I got a thrill out of the insanity of Manhattan Projects, the book that surprised me the most was Planetary. I had lucked into this in that it was on sale digitally for something like $5 for the whole run as a complete digital omnibus. And I was literally leaving an hour later on a weeklong vacation at the beach a decade ago. I re-read the series every couple of years since then and always find new things about it with its sprawling approach, fascinating characters, and the interconnected details that make me want to discover things anew the next time around.

What’s the most surprising book you’ve read that you fell in love with?