Jeopardy! recap for Mon., May 18

Introducing today’s contestants:

  • Megan, a writer-editor from California, got proposed to at the zoo;
  • Ben, a television director from Michigan, will get better at golf in 30 or 40 years; and
  • Jesse, a public policy director from New York, looks like he knows where tourists should go. Jesse is a two-day champ with winnings of $43,400.

Ben missed both DDs in DJ, but got the very last clue worth $400 to keep the game alive, entering FJ at $9,400 vs. $18,800 for Megan and $5,400 for champ Jesse.

DD1, $1,000 – NONFICTION – In a 2016 work Nigel Cawthorne recounts “The Life-Long Feud” between these 2 inventors “that Electrified the World” (Megan won $2,000 from her score of $2,800. If she had bet it all as is generally recommended on first round DDs, she might have had a runaway at the end.)

DD2, $1,200 – LET’S HAVE A PLANET – It has an equatorial radius of 3,963 miles (Ben lost $3,000 from his score of $5,200 vs. $8,000 for Megan.)

DD3, $800 – DA, YOU SPEAK RUSSIAN – Also called the great sturgeon, this species lends its name to a type of caviar (Ben lost $2,000 from his total of $7,400 vs. $9,600 for Megan.)

FJ – AMERICA IN THE 1700s – “Every state shall always keep up a well regulated and disciplined militia, sufficiently armed and accoutred” is in no. 6 of these

​Ben and Jesse were correct on FJ, with Ben doubling up for a victory worth $18,800, as Megan played for the win and dropped $2,200. The decision for players leading with exactly twice of second place to make a wager on FJ depends largely on two factors: how they feel about the category and their skill on the signaling device vs. that of their opponent.

If they are confident in the category, make a bet. If not and they feel they have a significant edge on the buzzer, they might consider taking a chance on a tiebreaker clue. But in general, making a wager is the best play in the long run.

That’s before our time: In the category “Rock Banned”, no one knew the Sex Pistols hit famously banned by the BBC, “God Save the Queen”, or the Rolling Stones tune that was released during the 1968 political demonstrations, “Street Fighting Man”.

Correct Qs:
DD1 – Who were Edison and Tesla?
DD2 – What is Earth?
DD3 – What is beluga?
FJ – What are the Articles of Confederation?