Shoeless Trivia: Mythology

A trivia classic. I’ve had myth questions before but I’ve never done a whole round.

  1. The summer home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright was named for what probably historical bard who became a legendary figure in Welsh mythology?
  2. Which Norse god has senses so keen he can hear wool grow on a sheep?
  3. According to legend, the attic of this Prague landmark contains what?strivia178_1
  4. What name is given to small solidified droplets of lava? The name implies that the droplet are the product of a lachrymose goddess.
  5. What future Gorgon slayer was the child of Zeus and the imprisoned princess Danaë?

  1. Taliesin
  2. Heimdall
  3. a golem (Golem of Prague)
  4. Pele’s tears
  5. Perseus