“Promortyus” Rick and Morty S4 E7

Rick and Morty (and Summer) land on an extremely crash-intoable asteroid and have a fun little self-contained facehugger adventure.

At first I thought this one was treading similar ground to Auto-Erotic Assimilation, but it isn’t, really, except for the common thread of minds being taken over.  Unity was all one mind, while the Glorzo are individuals. Individuals living really short, pointless lives.

I liked this one a lot. It wasn’t really about anything, but it was never boring, and it was impossible to predict where it would go next, which is always fun, even when it doesn’t end up going much of anywhere.  I liked the art direction of the goopy orange Glorzo society.  I liked the media res beginning.  I liked Summer having something to do finally.

If the episode was about anything, it’s about how sometimes there is no right thing to do. The Glorzo aren’t evil, per se; they’re just following their natural life cycle.  But there’s no twist where it turns out they’re actually okay. They’re really doing what it looks like they’re doing, and no Glorzo lives without enslaving and eventually killing a sentient being.  Pretty hard to be an ethical Glorzo.

Best moments: Rick and Morty silently agreeing to avoid “doing a 9-11.”  Summer as the Glorzo empress. “The last thing I remember, I was leaning over a big wet egg…oh, that’s probably what did it.”