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The Friday Politics thread is hopelessly corrupt

Good morning Politicadoes.  Yesterday it turns out that you can basically commit any crime as a political figure and it doesn’t matter anymore.  At least not for the “justice” department.  But whatever.  It’s Friday, and you don’t read these headers for depressing ruminations. That’s what the thread is for.

In local NJ news, the Decennial reapportionment committee is getting validly criticized for having only 1 woman on the 10 person committee, favoring incumbents and lessening the chance of real demographic representation.  So even in Dark Blue NJ we should be doing better:  https://www.nj.com/opinion/2020/05/time-to-chart-njs-political-future-not-so-fast-ladies-editorial.html

In hyperlocal news, there are 3 or 4 rabbits regularly visiting our backyard.  Rosebaby calls them hop hops.

The Friday PT is a place of peace, love and understanding.  Please remember to be empathetic when posting. For Gonk’s sake, please do not post anything that will make disqus shut us down (this is where violently McSquirreling comes in).  If you see anything posted too frequently and you think it needs to be highlighted, use the friendly neighborhood clamsignal:

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