30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 19: Where To Live

The question of which comics universe you would want to live in is always an interesting one since there really are so many choices these days. If you live in the Marvel universe, you could be an Inhuman, a mutant, or gain power in some other way and have quite a lot of adventures. In the DC Comics world, you could be a metahuman or something else entirely and have a whole lot of adventures as well. Dark Horse Comics has their small but growing shared universes through various licensed properties and then there’s the more popularly known things like The Walking Dead and a slew of standalone worlds as well.

But realistically, in looking at so many of these, I can’t imagine wanting to live in most of them. Hell, even living in the Archie universe is more dangerous know with what can happen there with the spooky titles coming out as well as the Predator crossover that we’ve seen or some of the other events – never mind the Riverdale TV show.

When it comes to the mainline comic book universes, I can’t imagine really wanting to live in any of them. When I was a kid? Oh, I’d be all over the Marvel universe, hoping I was a mutant and growing into abilities and experiencing life like that. Of course, then the ’90s came and you saw how things went from there, and as you get older, well, there’s no way in hell you’d want to go through that.

So I’m quite content with the awful universe I already live in – though that changes day by day! 😀

We’ll be back Monday with another round! Be sure to revisit past questions if you’re just coming into this now as well!