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Pretty concise appraisal of the last week or whatever Simpsons from 27 years ago.

Data: The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins; Chart: Naema Ahmed/Axios

Try and guess which line is the US (excluding New York)  As states around the country look at reopening procedures, the death toll continues to mount. The US lags behind its European counterparts in recovery as the total number of daily reported cases has stagnated, not fallen (excluding New York State, which has bent it’s curve). This is due to *checks notes* a failure to lock down as tightly as other countries. We can quibble about population size relative to the number of cases or whatever, but it’s down to the fact that we have a woefully inadequate federal response, a response that is either indifferent or downright malfeasanc. It might have even been fine if they had just left it to the states.

The U.S.’ coronavirus recovery is way behind Europe’s

But then the President and his Attorney General make it clear that they’ll try to sue over overly aggressive lockdown measures.

It’s not a death cult. Do not call it a death cult.

The ‘coronavirus task force’ is winding down apparently. No longer even meeting on a daily basis. Or maybe it isn’t? It’s hard to tell anymore. Not that it matters of course. This was just Mike Pence’s task force. Who’s to say that Jared Kushner! Boy Adventurer’s ANTI-CORONAVIRUS SOCIETY OF DARING-DO! has been disbanded?

In any case,

As we all continue with the various levels of lockdown measures in place please be safe and act responsibly. Maintain your social distance of at least six feet, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and wear a mask in public areas when distancing is not possible. We can all get through this, together.

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