Avocado’s Favourite Sports Movie WINNAH and CHAMPEEN

Surprising no one who was paying attention, A League of Their Own captured the title of our favourite sports movie. And OF COURSE it did – the movie is utterly charming, with peak Tom Hanks (then again, the man has been at his peak for about 3 decades now) as the key supporting role, and Lori Petty and Geena Davis doing fantastic work as the actual heart of the movie. Not to mention the rest of the cast is terrific – for all their foibles, Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna are solid as “Looney Tunes bad guys” (to quote a fellow Avocado) and Jon Lovitz commits grand larceny, literally stealing the first 30 minutes or so as a jaded scout. Not to mention that from the nominating round to the Final Four, ALoTO was drawing significantly more votes than any other movie.

Let’s give our runner-up some credit though – no other film in this tourney got within sniffing distance of the redoubtable gals from Rockford (they outdistanced every movie not named Rocky by 20+ votes in the nominating round, and won their 3 matchups by 41, 44, and 33) but Signor Balboa lived up to his rep and made them work for it, barely losing a 30-28 squeaker.

So let’s enjoy the most memorable scenes from our winner:

(seriously, I had forgotten how great this was)

(I had not forgotten how great this was)