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This week, we’ll be looking at Human Rights Campaign. Founded in 1980, its the largest LGBTQ+ advocacy group in the USA. While it tends to lean democratic in terms of support, it doesn’t always. The most well known case was when they endorsed Mark Kirk over Tammy Duckworth. It was considered especially bad because Kirk had 78 rating in regards to LGBT issues while Duckworth had a rating of 100 by the HRC issues. A day after Kirk made a racist comment directed at Duckworth, the HRC asked that he apologize but their endorsement remained unchanged. Only after getting even more flak, a day later did the HRC revoke the endorsement. They also endorsed Susan Collins in 2014 despite her not even having a pro LGBT record despite her opponent Shenna Bellows being a long time gay marriage advocate. And while Andrew Cuomo is a democrat, the HRC’s endorsement of him over the openly bisexual Cynthia Nixon in the NY democratic primary of 2018 did draw some attention.

In regards to their workspace, they are known to give overly generous salaries to their higher ups in addition to, as of 2014 reports, having a rather homogeneous leadership of white gay men.

There’s still plenty of other things to get into, such as Pride at Works issue with them and their Jeff Bezos love.

Optional Topic: Are their LGBT organizations that you have big issues with?