“A Starboy is Born” American Dad! S17E02

Stan abducts The Weekend to teach Roger a valuable lesson. Meanwhile, Hayley attempts to sleep with the celebrity singer.

Just going to say this right now.  This episode sucked!  Probably one of the worst episodes of American Dad.  I just hated it.  I don’t even know who The Weekend is.

Maybe one or two laughs for me, the Jeff and Haley stuff about freebies.   Roger doesn’t want to live by any rules and takes over The Weekend’s  life as the real Weekend  wants to live a “normal” life with the Smiths.   Haley wants sleep with The Weekend, who’s a virgin.  Stan teaches Roger a lesson about rules at the end, but not before infecting Francine with the plague.

Anyway, here’s some screen shots. Sorry for the laziness of my review.  Even on a 2nd watch I got nothing to add.

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Grade: D-