The Night Thread Doesn’t Need a King’s Love

In what was supposed to be playing in Broadway already, the musical Six is a musical that originated from two Cambridge students. The musical follows the six wives of Henry VIII as they decide to form a band together and hold a competition of who has a miserable time as Henry’s wife in order to be the leader of the band.

The plot is basically like A Chorus Line, except there isn’t any clear winner at the end.

Following the success of Hamilton, Six also has a diverse, but all female cast (including the backing band as well). Although the score is short, the songs are really great. Taking influence from Beyonce, Adele, Alicia Keys, and (of course) the Spice Girls, each of the six wives have their own songs as they detail what their life was like before, during, and after their marriage with Henry.

One of my favorites is “I Don’t Need Your Love”, an Alicia Keys-influenced song sung by Catherine Parr, Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife, and it features one of my favorite verses of the whole song that I didn’t know about Catherine Parr.

Remember that I was a writer
I wrote books and psalms and meditations
Fought for female education
So all my women can independently
Study scripture
I even got a woman to paint my picture
Why can’t I tell that story?