The Friday Politics thread sends out a mayday!

Good Morning Politicadoes.  Welcome to May, 2020.  I bet you thought we’d never get here.  May is the time for reopening states so that everyone can get sick in June.  And as we all know, summer colds are the worst.  Except for the states like NJ, where we will be locked in here forever and ever, watching the grackles out on the lawn as they plot against us.

Also, May Day is International Workers Day, and it’s a Spring holiday in some European countries.  I learned this in Wikipedia right now:

In local news, Rosebaby’s newest word is “tickle” and she thinks it’s great to tickle everyone and everything, but she gets annoyed if she tickles an inanimate object and we don’t immediately laugh with her.

Once again, I cannot stress enough that we have to get along with each other here in the PT, and think about whether your posts can be misconstrued hurtfully before posting.  Also, think about whether your posts can get us all in trouble with the law (so no McSquirrelling).  And notify your local mod if you see something being posted so frequently it’s getting out of hand and we’ll put a clam in it.