Joe Biden’s MSNBC Interview Thread

Joe Biden will be joining MSNBC’s show “Morning Joe” at 6am Eastern to respond for the first time to the recent allegation of sexual assault. This is obviously an important news story which is constantly evolving, so please take care of each other and follow our guidelines:

1. This is not a space to cast doubt on Reade’s honesty, sow conspiracy theories, or otherwise approach the story from a vantage point that attacks victims, even if in an “I’m just asking questions” or “Here’s a hot take” way. You are welcome to take these posts to another website.

2. Please accept that different people are going to grapple with this situation in different ways, and lumping all Biden voters or Biden non-voters into categories such as “supports rapists” and “loves fascism” is unfair and unhelpful.

3. Remember that your every thought doesn’t necessarily need to be shared, or at least not shared here, and that it is okay to walk away, even if you think someone is being wrong on the Internet.

4. Please be kind. Be empathetic. Think about how your words will impact the people who will read them before you post them.

We know this is tough, and we know the vast majority of our community are grappling with circumstances they’d much rather not be faced with, for so many reasons. The fourth item above is most important of all.

If you feel a post is breaking the rules of the site, please flag the comment for the moderator’s attention. Bear in mind that Disqus’ notification system has not been entirely reliable of late, so you may want to find a moderator by replying to a comment or tagging one or more of us directly.

You can also reach out to us at if you would like to and are comfortable doing so.

Thank you.