The Avocado’s Favourite Sports Movie – Elite Eight

The Sweet 16 of our venerable (well, tolerable) Sports Movie Tournament feature little in the way of surprise. Beloved underdog movie Cool Runnings finished first in the round-robin and promptly got trucked to the tune of 32 votes by beloved-er underdog movie Rocky.  The other round-robin survivor, Bring It On, met an even more ignonimous end vs tourney juggernaut A League of Their Own, managing a round-low of 10 votes and a 41 pt losing margin. The plucky, scrappy underdogs of Major League, Slap Shot, The Karate Kid, and The Sandlot continued on their paths to likely humiliation by Signor Balboa and Jimmy Fox’s intrepid crew of woman sluggers, while the tenacious underdogs of The Bad News Bears, the gutsy underdogs of Shaolin Soccer, and the literal dogs of Best In Show mosey off to a nice farm somewhere, with lots of room to run free.