“Cheek To Cheek: A Stripper’s Story” American Dad! S16E22

Roger enlists Jeff as his protégé in order to open his dream chivalric strip club. Klaus moves into Steve’s room.

Roger the stripper?  Sure, why the hell not?  But he’s a stripper that does not strip.  It’s all about the “connection” with the audience.  Give the ladies what they don’t want.


This only means one thing, a new persona,  Gentleman Jessie,  a stripper who won’t take off his clothes, won’t walk either.  He also is going to compete in the world series of strip.  And then open his own strip club.   The family is not amused.  So they pawn Jessie on to Jeff to van him around.    So we get a Roger/Jeff team up story.


To fund his strip club, Jessie needs a loan.  But the bank denies him that.  Distraught, Jessie threatens suicide.  But while changing a flat tire, Jessie  sees that Jeff may have certain talents,  and enters Jeff into several stripping contests.


Jeff don’t take his clothes off either, so no dough.  Jessie’s material gets Jeff booed off the stage every time.  Eventually Jeff gets tired of Jessie’s shit and sneaks out on his own, taking it off, making the money, all behind Jessie’s back


Jessie finds out and feels betrayed because  it wasn’t about the money.  But is was always about the money.


At the World Series of Strip competition, Jessie has a new protégée, who promptly quits when he gets the big call from Enterprise Rental Car, leaving Jessie to enter on his own.


Jessie is denied entry into the contest.  But once on stage, Jeff has a change of heart as he has a dream, Jessie’s dream.  Connection! Jeff then proceeds to do the act the way Roger wanted it but  they are both kicked out.


Jeff has no dreams, but he rather see Jessie’s dream thru, not matter how dumb it is.  And it is very dumb, than to never dream at all.


B Plot

Klaus breaks Francine’s Nordic Track!   B1

Klaus is then forced to move out of his alcove (his only private space) into Steve’s room, in a dog house in the corner 


Steve didn’t know Klaus would have visitors, or noisy Rock Band nights.


Noise complaint is filed by Steve, problem solved.


All’s well that ends well.  Isn’t that right Steve?


This episode was the final hold over from last season.  Not a bad outing.  I didn’t really think much of it on first watch, but enjoyed it more the second time around.  Didn’t see much of Stan as he had only one line, “I gotta go”.  Cool to see a Klaus and Steve in a solid B story.


  • “You should take him out in a field and shoot him.”
  •  “I’d put on shoes to see that”


  • “Ooh Jeff? Yeah , screw Jeff, Who likes Jeff?“.

  • “Stan? Why would you say him first? “


Grade: B