You Talking Trek to Me?

Hello computer, are you talking Trek to me?

So this is kind of the pre-return of a weekly Trek thread. We haven’t had one since Lilith’s fantastic series, and I wanted to bring back a weekly place we could talk Trek. This will be a recurring thread where we discuss a single Trek episode. Of course, we can discuss other things Trek, but the focus would be on an episode from any of the multiple Trek series.

I had thought about just picking an episode myself, and talking about that, but I wanted to try something a little different. So instead, each week there will be a bolded sub-thread where we can vote on an episode to watch and discuss the following week. This way it isn’t just on my whim, and could give us a chance to talk about less popular, or just plain old bad, episodes. Ultimately I just liking having another place to talk Trek with all of you lovely people!

I figure I’ll have the thread go up every Thursday around 2pm CST.

So, let’s go into the conference room and decide what we will talk about next Thursday!