30 Day Comic Book Challenge Day 9: Most Touching Scene

Touching and emotional scenes in comics certainly aren’t rare but there are still some of those really beautiful moments that work well. Some of the sensuality and intimacy in Watchmen resonates me, certain deaths over the years are important pieces in how they’re dealt with and of course there are those happy moments that really drive a lot of things. Hell, in The Walking Dead alone we get a lot of really great character moments that speak well of the human condition and survivability. Sometimes the touching scenes are big ones, sometimes they’re small. But in the end, they resonate and hit us in a way that lasts, sometimes for decades.

The one that really sticks out the most for me though is the one that did me in just from the cover with the seventh issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths. That series had more deaths than you can shake a stick at in seemingly every issue as worlds were wiped away and various characters had beautiful and touching sendoffs that really brought closure to aspects of their long and storied histories. But the seventh issue which brought us to the end of Supergirl for quite a few years was above and beyond with what it. The cover alone has been used and given homage many times over the years and is one of the more fun cosplay pieces out there as well. We’ve even had a Supergirl issue where it reverse it a bit by using Power Girl being held in Supergirl’s arms.

But in the end, it was the whole impact of what it meant for Superman to lose his cousin. Though he’s had a very extended Kryptonian family over the decades, part of what the whole Crisis series was doing was stripping everything down to the basics to rebuild. Taking something so key, so central to him away, resonates in a way few other scenes really do.