Triviacados: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Can the first person here each day create a Results thread so it’s always first when sorted by Oldest? That will make it much easier to track results.

Quiz Type: Forced Order

Quiz Note: Each subcategory is split up into three more groups – 1950s, 1980s, and 2010s. / No self titled albums are included. / Artists fit within the decades that they were most popular, but may have released music outside of the specified decade.

Or visit the quiz here.

Remember to post your results (as a %) in the Results thread (sort by Oldest), including time left on the clock for tie-breaking purposes.

Sunday: Miscellaneous
Monday: Literature
Tuesday: Geography
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: History
Friday: Movies & TV
Saturday: Science & Nature

If you’d like to create the Sunday quiz (or use a quiz you’ve already created), just let forget_it_jake know on the Triviacados thread.