The Avocado’s Favourite Sports Movie – ROUND 1

The votes are in, and we have 32 movies in the running! The votes ended nicely, every movie with 11 votes made it, and there was only one movie that had ten (sorry, Baseketball – you’ll have to placate yourselves with your jobs, khakis, and chicks). The clubhouse leader is A League of Their Own, with a startling 34 upvotes, 6 more than 2nd place, and 9 more than 3rd place, which means Field of Dreams was closer to the #14 vote-getter than to the #1.

Unfortunately, the phenomenal Speed Racer did NOT make the cut, so those of you who did NOT upvote this masterpiece should, in the words of Charlestown Chiefs goalie Denis Lemieux, “you English pigs with no brains…go to da box you know, 2 minutes by yourself, you feel shame.”

Also, all of you seem to LOOOOOOOVE baseball. Nine baseball films made the cut, outdistancing what I generically called “fighting” (boxing, martial arts, MMA, rasslin’) which had 6 movies represented. There were four hockey representatives, 2 each for soccer, basketball, and golf (which in some cases is quite literally a crime against humanity), and one each for figure skating, cycling, dog show (!), competitive cheer, American football/gridiron, running, dodgeball, and a sport which is fictional (so far, at least) that I qualified as “loosely-organised mayhem” (rollerball – though I suppose dodgeball, Mortal Kombat, and I, Tonya would fit that category as well).