Battle at the Binary Stars: The Best Non-Recurring Character in Star Trek–Final 4

Here we are the Final Four.  We started with nominees from every Star Trek series on TV, except Discovery.  We’re left with with only two series represented–TNG and TOS.  We’ll get to the voting in a moment, but first, let’s look at the stats from the previous round.

  • Dathon once again earned the most votes overall, with 39.
  • In contrast, his opponent Weyoun 6 earned only 11, for the least this round.
  • The 28-point difference between Dathon and Weyoun made it the biggest blowout of the round, and Weyoun’s loss meant the end of the line for DS9.
  • The closest match was between Gul Madred and the Romulan Commander, with Madred pulling out a victory by a score of 27-18.
  • Mark Lenard’s Romulan garnered the most votes among the losers this week.
  • Edith Keeler’s 26 votes to win over Jarok made her the least upvoted character to make it through this round.

And as always, we offer a brief solute to the defeated competitors.

  • Weyoun 6
  • Kivas Fajo
  • Romulan Commander
  • Alidar Jarok

The final four is set.  Who will move on to the championship match?  Will the Tamarian Captain Dathon and the Cardassian Gul Madred continue their domination?  Or can the android Lal or the 20th-century woman Edith Keeler send the boys packing?  Bet your quatloos on your favorite, and let’s get to the voting!