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Governors: Trump making ‘delusional’ comments on testing and restrictions

US governors have accused Donald Trump of making “delusional” and “dangerous” statements amid mounting tensions between the president and state leaders over coronavirus testing and pressure to roll back stay-at-home measures.

The United States has by far the world’s largest number of confirmed coronavirus cases, with more than 730,000 infections and over 39,600 deaths.

Many state leaders have said they cannot embark on Trump’s recommended three-phrase programme to ease stay-at-home restrictions without a robust and widespread system of testing in place.

Researchers at Harvard University have suggested the US should conduct more than three times the number of coronavirus tests it is currently administering over the course of the next month, the New York Times reported.

Democratic governor Ralph Northam of Virginia told CNN on Sunday that claims by Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence that states have plenty of tests were “just delusional”.

“We have been fighting for testing,” he said on CNN’s State of the Union. “We don’t even have enough swabs, believe it or not. For the national level to say that we have what we need, and really to have no guidance to the state levels, is just irresponsible, because we’re not there yet.”


“Delusional” is certainly a kind way of saying “absolutely fucking wrong.”

So, what’s the situation look like in your area?  My state is supposed to be until May 26, though who knows if Governor Evers relents with that one, considering the morons who protested.  Strange that they had time to protest, seeing as one would think their arguments would have been stronger had they been essential workers.