The Avocado’s Favourite Sports Movie



Now, I am well aware we have a large chunk here who loathe the “sportsball” (which, I feel sports overall are terrific, obviously, and I think that people who dislike sports mostly dislike the shit, garbage culture that often goes with sports, but that’s neither here nor there), but I know we have a possibly larger chunk who is all about the sports.

So in the interest of being bored out of my skull, I’ve decided we here at the ‘Cado should use our now-plentiful free time to decide which of the movies representing the sporting life. Documentaries are eligible, but I am going to limit the entries to competitive sports – because while I definitely understand that hiking and fishing fall under the “sports” rubric, and I love WILD and A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT with all my soul, they aren’t really “sports” movies. So any entry has to be something where the main activity is won by some form of physical prowess, and achieving greatness  through victory is the key motivating factor (example – KINGPIN clearly qualifies, whereas THE BIG LEBOWSKI wouldn’t, as in the former, Roy is attempting to redeem himself through victory, whereas in the latter they bowl but whether they win or lose doesn’t really impact the plot).

This is a “favourite” tourney because we don’t need to determine the “best” sports movie (obviously the best are SLAP SHOT for comedies, EIGHT MEN OUT for dramas), so have at it.

Nominees will be accepted until sometime Tuesday afternoon/evening.