The Friday Politics Thread?

Hello Politicadoes and welcome to the Friday Politics Thread.  You made it to another Friday.  For those of you who don’t remember, Friday was once the end of the workweek for the majority of people, and people would let their hair down and say archaic things like TGIF!  Or “what are you doing this weekend”.  Now these things have no meaning, as the weekend is basically a week day but with a different screen in front of you.  Except for us, of course, because we’re here at the PT all the time.

I’m going to use the rest of this space to point out that Bruce Springsteen is once again trying to help us all out.  On April 22, there will be a remote concert from home to raise money for NJians affected by our current COVID crisis.  It will feature the cream of the NJ crop, and as you may know, NJ has been hit harder than anywhere in the US outside of NYC. Here’s more info:

If you’re not into the Boss, do it for Danny Devito!

Please play nice, don’t say harmful things to others and remember not to do anything that might get the Avocado sued.  No McSquirrels, tip your mods, and let them know if anything has been repeated ad infinitum.  And have a splendid day!